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    About us

    A few words about FSA Kraków!

    Football Success Academy (FSA Kraków) is a unique project that brought together a group of exceptional people in the right place and time – football enthusiasts, not only the male edition but most of all its more beautiful face – women’s football. We decided to create an Academy that would train only girls. We want our activities to popularise women’s football by creating a place where, from the beginning of the training process, the player should be provided with professional equipment, a training base and qualified coaching staff to fully enable the best training development. Thanks to the complexity of the training, we will allow each player to transition smoothly from childhood through youth to senior games.


    The Football Success Academy Sports Club was established in June 2018, and since then, it has been an essential centre for women’s football in Małopolska and throughout the country.


    Our main goal, apart from the training mentioned above, is education through sport, which we try to implement in the form of continuous control of the player’s progress not only on the pitch but also at school. We approach each female footballer individually, acquiring full knowledge about her abilities and expectations and making efforts to provide her with the best possible place for development, which is not accidentally called by them a “second home”.


    People associated with the Football Success Academy are enthusiasts for whom hard, systematic work brings satisfaction and satisfaction in the form of new pupils, which will determine the strength of women’s football in the future.


    Football Success Academy is a place not only for girls who already play football but also for those who want to start their adventure with football. Our training is tailored to the players’ level and conducted by qualified coaching staff.


    Our training base is mainly Com-Com Zone facilities at ul. Ptaszyckiego 6, where our players have excellent conditions to train, regardless of the season. At our disposal are a large grass and artificial turf training field, sports hall, “Orlik” type field (covered with a balloon in winter), gym, swimming pool, and training rooms.


    Join us and give yourself a chance for the best start to your football career!


    Don’t you know where? – Aim for SUCCESS – FOOTBALL SUCCESS ACADEMY

    What makes us stand out?

    Dedicated girls' training
    Qualified coaching staff
    Training experience in school education
    Training of players to the level and professional needs
    Modern training methods
    soccer-field (1)
    Infrastructure on a high level
    Participation in league matches, tournaments and sports camps only for girls

    For whom is the Academy?

    The training is aimed at girls aged five who want to develop their football skills. If you want to start your adventure with a ball, FSA will be the perfect place for you. Classes are adjusted to the age and abilities of the player.


    Thanks to several years of experience, our coaches perfectly understand the specificity of women’s football, through which we can pass on their knowledge and expertise. As a consequence of the provision of qualified staff and an excellent training base, girls have the possibility of comprehensive development and a career path from the level of junior to the age of senior-level.


    Our goal is the comprehensive development of young players and, above all, awakening their love for physical activity. Football is an excellent tool for educating a young person.