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    Sports sponsorship is one of the fastest-growing company promotion instruments.

    Thanks to it, the company has the opportunity to build its prestige and brand, linking it with the successes of the sponsored club and the positive emotions associated with sports competition. By engaging in marketing activities based on sports sponsorship, you can be sure that the effects of your activities will be long-lasting and profound.

    We hope that cooperation with us will affect not only the development of our Academy but, above all, the increase in the importance of your brand in the local and national market.

    In our long-term development plan, we want to become the leading centre of women’s football in Poland, focusing on local government activities and cooperation with companies.

    Join the group of sponsors of FOOTBALL SUCCESS ACADEMY!

    Choose the most convenient form of support.

    We are looking for entities that will actively participate in co-creating our Academy, creating a unique project and achieving further SUCCESSES with us!

    Invest in the development of the young generation while promoting your company and identifying yourself with an innovative project in the region.

    Do you have any questions?

    Contact us!

    biuro@fsacademy.plor 515-618-563.

    We can offer several marketing and image benefits as part of the cooperation. The services are selected individually, depending on the needs and expectations of the Sponsor.

    What can we offer?

    • Placing the Sponsor's Logo on match kits and training equipment (T-shirts, tracksuits, jackets, etc.)
    • Placing the Sponsor's Logo on our social media.
    • Placing the Sponsor's Logo on banners during league matches and other events.
    • Placing the Sponsor's Logo in all printed materials and graphics.
    • Placing the Sponsor's Logo in promotional videos.
    • Organisation of promotional campaigns and competitions with the sponsor.
    • Organization of sports events under the patronage of the Sponsor.