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    PHONE: 509-253-477 or 515-618-563
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    Where we train

    The Football Success Academy players train in professional conditions.

    Our daily training activaities take place at the Com-Com Zone Nowa Huta Development Center and the sports facilities of Primary School No. 129.

    For the proper training development of our football players, we use a broad sports base adapted to the needs of players at every level of development.

    Centrum Rozwoju Com-Com Zone Nowa Huta

    Tadeusza Ptaszyckiego 6, 31-979 Kraków

    A full-size grass field

    A full-size grass pitch with dimensions of 100m x 70m, enabling league matches to be played.

    A full-size pitch with artificial turf

    An all-year-round field with dimensions of 96m x 58m with artificial turf and lighting enables training and playing league matches after dark.

    “Orlik” type pitch

    A year-round playground with dimensions of 51m x 36m, covered in winter with a pneumatic coating (balloon). The area under the balloon is fully heated. The pitch is perfect for playing regardless of weather conditions. The pitch has four changing rooms with showers and a separate changing room for judges and organisers.

    Small training ground

    A small grass training field with dimensions of 50m x 25m is intended for classes with younger groups, individual training, goalkeeper training or motor training.

    Sports hall

    Multifunctional sports hall with a high standard. It is adapted to organise group games in various disciplines. The dimensions of the hall are 40m x 20m. The hall is equipped with a clock, sound equipment and stands.

    Training rooms

    Multifunctional sports rooms are designed to conduct various types of functional, relaxation, martial arts, spinning classes, etc.

    Swimming pool

    A comfortable 25-meter-long swimming pool with six swimming lanes. The depth is from 1.2 m to 1.8 m, and the water temperature fluctuates in the range of 26-28 ° C. The swimming pool has a lift for the disabled.

    The gym

    A fully equipped gym is divided into a cardio zone, a machine and lift zone, and a space where you can lift free weights.


    Dry sauna (Finnish) equipped with sun loungers and showers. It is designed for 2-6 people.

    Multipurpose sports field “Orlik” at Primary School No. 129

    Osiedle na Wzgórzach 13A, 31-723 Kraków

    Multifunctional pitch type “Orlik” with dimensions of 63m x 31m. It has a synthetic grass surface and lighting. The complex consists of 3 levels:

    • the highest level includes a soccer field
    • the average level includes a cloakroom and sanitary facilities
    • the lowest level includes a volleyball and basketball court

    All levels are connected by stairs and special ramps (for disabled athletes).

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